Caroline teaches vinyasa, hatha flow, and therapeutics, yoga classes. She uses dynamic movement to help her students grow smart and sustainable yoga practices complete with increased strength, expanded flexibility, and greater control. She draws from 20 years of dance experience and from her curiosity about the human body to teach intelligently and with spirit. She has over 500 hours of training from Yoga Tree in San Francisco.

Class Types

Hatha Flow: A medium-paced class for all levels, expect a dynamic practice that weaves familiar and unfamiliar poses with more detailed guidance and stopping to workshop key poses. By moving a bit more slowly, you will refine and explore your practice at the intersection of breath, body, and mind. 

Vinyasa Flow: A more vigorously-paced class for all levels, centered around sun salutations, breath work, and standing poses. You'll work up a sweat and develop strength and flexibility by practicing more fluid sequences in repetition. 

Therapeutic Flow: A slower-paced class designed to help you re-tune your body for greater efficiency, intelligence, and balance. It incorporates restorative yoga, alignment principles, biomechanics, and slow vinyasa to help you reduce stress, manage injury, or correct habitual patterning.